Live Music FAQ

Can you provide music for my ceremony/event and cocktail hour?

Yes, for an additional charge you can have one or more of our band members perform during your cocktail hour; which is usually our pianist or guitar player. Also available are classical ensembles, jazz ensembles. We can also have someone set up an additional sound system to play recorded music in an appropriate genre for your event. 

Can we use microphones during our wedding ceremony or event?

Yes, we can set up sound for your ceremony. Additionally, if you choose to have recorded music play during the ceremony, we can have someone running that for you.

I’m not sure what music I want for my ceremony, can Music In Boise make suggestions?

Yes, we would be happy to make suggestions for songs.

Can the bandleader make announcements for us at specified times?

Yes - we'll be happy to announce anything, for example: that dinner is served, time for the first dance, time for the cake to be cut, etc. We can do it at predetermined times, or when you cue us that you're ready. 

Is it affordable and practical to have a band and a DJ?

Yes! This is becoming more and more common. Have a group like the Frim Fram 4 play dinner music and a couple of sets of classic dance music, 

For a wedding, 1st dance, father/daughter, mother/ son, and help with announcements cake cutting, garter, bouquet toss, etc... 

Music-wise, the same goes for any dinner event, minus all the wedding-specifics. 

Then have the DJ crank up when the older attendees, or guests with small children, have gone. Everyone is happy. The sound system will already be set up (which significantly cuts down on fees) and starting the DJ set can be seamless. No additional tearing down of one sound system and setting up another while your party is trying to continue.

How will the band be dressed?

It will depend on which band you choose, and what type of event you are having. The band will be dressed appropriately for your event. Except for Frim Fram 4, which will always be in white dinner jackets and black tie. 

Will the band I hire be willing to learn a few special requests?

Yes, you can make as many special requests as you like. We've played hundreds of weddings and other events, so we have a huge repertoire of songs. If you have songs that you want that we don't already know, the band will learn one or two songs for no additional charge. We ask that you email us an mp3 or send a CD of the songs you would like us to learn. This will ensure that we're learning the arrangement you have in mind. If you have more than two, there will be an additional fee per song.

Do we need to meet with Music In Boise before our wedding or event?

It's usually not necessary. Once the bridal sheet/flow sheet is completed, the bandleader will call you if there are any questions and to review the document. If you would like to meet with your bandleader we can arrange for a meeting. We'd be happy to set an appointment to meet in Boise. 

Will Music In Boise bands travel out of town for an event?

Yes, the bands can travel throughout the United States.

What is the norm regarding gratuities?

Firstly we believe in excellent service; a gratuity is given entirely at your discretion.

Will the band be too loud for my guests?

Music In Boise uses the best sound system and equipment the industry has to offer, giving the bands a crystal clear, full sound. The volume is always comfortable for all your guests, but we do suggest that you do not seat your elderly guests right in front of the bands speakers. They tend to be very sensitive to any volume.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

We're here to help! If you prefer to talk to an actual human, call 208-867-7046.